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Tear drop Faux Resin Earrings - 10 mm

Tear drop Faux Resin Earrings - 10 mm

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Add a little bit of sparkle to your day! 

These Faux Druzy Earrings are perfect for any outfit. 

Since they are handcrafted and created from excess resin from our wave boards, not all will look the same. This was a way of creating something cool and reducing resin waste. Exact color variations may vary at times.

10 mm Tear drop Druzy Earring studs.

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Care Instructions

wipe with a damp cloth and warm water, do not soak or submerge in liquid.

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Handmade and Unique

All of our Resin Earrings are uniquley handcrafted with the left over resin from our wave boards and wall art, as a way to save resin and reduce waste.

We wanted a fun way to repurpose our left over resin. Our Fabulous nature inspired Faux Druzy Earrings are one of many ways we have done so.

They are pefect for any time of year, but you will see them really sparkle during those sunny Summer days!