Our Charcuterie boards and Trays are versatile for any occasion and completly food safe. Each board has its own unique design, characteristics, and color scheme and are handcrafted onto a variety of different woods and materials. These charcuterie boards can be functional, but also a beautiful statement piece of art in your home. Display them in a kitchen, elegantly placed on your counter top, as a centerpiece on a table or anywhere for the beach lover to enjoy.

Our Acacia Wood Wave Board Collection

Check out our available Acacia Wood charcuterie boards!

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Our Bamboo Wave Board Collection

Check out our available Bamboo Charcuterie Bards!

Our Serving Tray Collection

Check out our available serving trays!

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  • Custom Engraving

    Do you have a wedding, bridal shower or birthday coming up and are looking for the perfect gift? Create a custom gift, handmade with love. You can choose your size board, wood type, and color palette to create a specific and personal look as well as add a last name and date with our available font options.

  • Serving Trays

    Perfect for placement of food for a occasion or displayed beautifully on any Surface! On a bar cart for entertaining, on your coffee table, or even as a elegant tray to set on your dresser to store jewelry and trinkets. You can't go wrong, It's the perfect little touch anywhere you put them!

  • One-Of-A-Kind

    Each board is created with a mixture of different pigments, powders, and pastes to create its own unique, color scheme and characteristics. Materials are based upon availability and are lhand selected and locally sourced, some may not be available again when available stock runs out.

  • Natural Wave Boards

    Every board is created to resemble real ocean waves and is made with 100% food safe resin and locally sourced hand-selected hardwoods. See FAQs and care information for more details.