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We can create gorgeous statement pieces for your home or office that everyone will enjoy. We Aim to make you feel inspired and happy with your one of a kind art piece. We create a variety of different styles of art, some may be inspired by the ocean or nature, others are a combination of interest and passion.

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We have a variety of unique Wall Art pieces to choose from!

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We love the challenge of trying new and different wall art pieces!

If you have a vision of something you want to see created, please reach out to us!

We'd love to help you acheive those dreams!

Ocean Wave Wall Art

Life-like Ocean waves that bring you a sense of tranquility and happiness. Each piece has it's own unique qualities. Created with a mixture of colorful pigments, shimmer, real sand, and sea shells. Some are hand painted and have texture incorporated into them with various natural stones and lava rock.

The waves in each piece of wall art are unique, no two are alike. Whe way the waves form is like they have a mind of their own because of the way the propperties of the resin are. which makes each one just that much more special.

They are a perfect way to bring the beach to you!

cappa creations Resin art, geode wall art - natural gemstones - wall art with texture and elements, hand made

Geode Wall Art

Realistic Rock-like Geodes that are created with various pigments, colored pastes, glitter, and a variety of other materials to add texture to represent the qualities of a real geode. Some even have real quartz points in them mixed with other real stones.

Bioluminescent Ocean Waves Wall Art

Bioluminecent Day vs Night

This piece shows the Bioluminescent waves on the left Glow-in-the-dark at night and during the day look like a beautiful black pebble beach.

Northern Lights Wall Art

This northern lights wall art piece is a custom request in which it was created to resemble real northern lights and include positive affirmations, but also glows in the dark at night. It is such a wonderful way to bring positivity to a space that can also bring you happiness while enjoying a piece of art.

Do you Love what you see?

These are just some of the many examples of Wall Art I have created.

Each wall art piece is made custom to fit the clients request. Wall art Commissions are only created upon request. Occasionally there will be some made available here on the site, But if you are looking for something specific, send us a message!

We'd love to assist you in creating something unique and personal!