Looking for the perfect gift for a special occasion?

Consider purchasing a gift certificate from Cappa Creations! Our gift certificates are a great way to show someone you care and give them the opportunity to choose something they truly love from our wide range of handcrafted products inspired by the ocean and tropical beaches of Hawaii.

How our Digital Gift Certificates work

With a Cappa Creations gift certificate, your recipient can explore our collection of elegant Ocean glassware, tumblers, wave boards, trays, jewelry, and more! They'll be able to find something that suits their style and adds a touch of coastal charm to their home or gatherings.

Purchasing a gift certificate is quick and easy. Your digital gift certificate will be sent directly to your email after check out, where you will be able to redeem it through the code sent in the email or by printing it out.

Our gift certificates have no expiration date, so your recipient can take their time to browse our collection and find the perfect item. Whether they're looking for something unique for their next gathering or a stunning wave board to display in their home, they'll have the freedom to choose something they truly love.

If you have any questions or need assistance with purchasing a gift certificate, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@cappacreations.com. We're here to help make your gift-giving experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Gift certificates can be used towards custom orders, but cannot be used as deposits for commissionable art pieces.

Give the gift of coastal charm with a Cappa Creations gift certificate today!