Glassware Care

Our ocean and coastal glasses come in a variety of beautiful glassware, ranging from beer can glass tumblers, stemless wine glasses, and even water color inspired ceramic mugs.

All are food safe glassware and are coated with a 100%FOOD SAFE resin.

We use High Quality Epoxy Resin to ensure contact with food is safe and BPA-free and colors come from a variety of pigments and are curated to
create the beautiful design of your glassware.

Each handcrafted glass is unique and has its own characteristics. Due to the nature and properties of how the resin is during the creative process, the look of your item is one of a kind and cannot be re-created. No two will ever look the same.

Now that you have your beautiful new resin glasses, it’s
important to know how to care for them and keep them shining and lasting a lifetime. 

The key to proper care is understanding the properties of your item and basic maintenance. Don't worry, it’s pretty simple and there are just a few basic do's and don'ts. 


  • We recommend you wash your glasses before the first
    use. They are HAND WASH ONLY; we recommend you use a gentle sponge and cool/warm soapy water to clean your items. The resin will scratch if you use a rough sponge or other cleaning items. Please avoid using harsh chemicals on your glasses.

  • DO NOT SOAK BOARD, PUT INTO THE DISHWASHER, SUBMERGE OR USE HOT WATER ON ANY GLASSWARE WITH RESIN. They are HAND WASH ONLY, please hand dry or set on a gentle sturdy surface to air dry. same with bamboo tumbler lids and glass straws.

  • Keep out of direct sun light and store in a cool, dry place. Sun will fade the resin if left outside for prolonged periods of time. Due to wear and tear, over time your board may fade, become rough, and develop minor scratches.

  • You may put warm beverages INSIDE of your glass/mug, but do NOT MICROWAVE OR SOAK IN HOT WATER. It will ruin the integrity of the resin and glassware.

We hope that you love and enjoy your one-of-a-kind coastal inspired art piece!!

 Thank you for your purchase,

your support means so much to us!

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