Trays & Serve Ware Care

Our Serve ware and Trays are made from a variety of different hard woods and materials. Ranging from Acrylic trays to acacia wood, bamboo, mango wood, and walnut hardwoods. All resin items are food safe and all are coated with a 100% FOOD SAFE resin.

We use High quality Epoxy resin to ensure contact with food is safe and BPA-free and colors come from a variety of pigments and are curated to create a beautiful design. Then hardwoods are finished with a food safe oil andfood safe wax to protect your piece from ware and to prevent staining from certain foods.

Each handcrafted item is unique and has its own characteristics. Due to the nature and properties of how the resin is during the creative process, the look of your Tray and/ serve ware is one of a kind and cannot be recreated. No two will ever look the same.


  • We recommend you wash all items before the first use. They are HAND WASH ONLY; we recommend you use a gentle sponge and cool/ warm soapy water to clean your tray and or/ serve ware.
  • DO NOT SOAK ITEM, PUT IN DISHWASHER, SUBMERGE OR USE HOT WATER. The resin will scratch if you use a rough sponge or other cleaning items. Please avoid using harsh chemicals on your tray and/or serve ware.

  • Keep out of direct sun light and store in a cool, dry place.
    Sun will fade the resin if left outside for prolonged periods of time.

  • DO NOT CUT ON YOUR TRAY OR SERVEWARE! Though this is a hardwood made for cutting, we DO NOT recommend you cut on the tray and/or serve ware. The resin will scratch and leave marks in your design. Your Piece is designed for food PLACEMENT and DISPLAY ONLY.

  • To keep your Tray and/or serve ware in its best condition, we recommend that every so often you apply a coat of food safe wood wax on your hardwood items (when needed), this will keep the wood looking beautiful longer is vital to help prevent stains from certain foods and protect your piece. Due to wear and tear, over time your tray and/or serve ware may fade, become rough, and develop minor scratches.

We hope that you love and enjoy your one-of-a-kind tray and/ or serve ware!

Thank you for your purchase,

Your support means so much to us!