Wall Art Care

Our Wall Art is made from hardwood and a variety of other materials. They are hand
painted then coated with resin and colors come from a variety of pigments, paints, and pastes which are curated to create to be the beautiful design of your choice. Some may have other added materials; like real sand, shells, stones and rocks.

Each piece is unique and has its own characteristics. Due to the nature and properties of how the resin is during the creative process, the look of your Wall Art is one of a kind and cannot be recreated.

We recommend you dust your wall art before cleaning with a cleaner to prevent streaks or gunk. You can use a small amount of a gentle soap and a damp gentle cloth to clean your Wall art.

The resin will scratch if you use a rough sponge or other cleaning items. Please avoid using harsh chemicals on your piece.

Keep out of direct sun light and store in a cool, dry place. High humidity can cause
the wood to warp or mold and deteriorate over time. Sun will fade the resin if left outside for prolonged periods of time or may even cause it to yellow.

**To keep your Art in its best condition, we recommend that you follow these guidelines. **

This will keep your wall art looking beautiful longer. Due to wear and tear over time, the resin may scratch if not gently cleaned and cared for.

We hope that you love and enjoy your one-of-a-kind Wall Art and thank you for your purchase!

Your support means so much to us!